Coach Phone Style 1 Find Student Athlete (2)


  • Find and recruit qualified student athletes
  • Filter by Year of entry, GPA, SAT/ACT, position, relevant sports specific info, recently added, eligibility
  • Get notified when an added student athlete matches your saved search criteria
  • Watch athlete showreels
  • View full student athlete profiles
Coach Phone Style 2 Messages


  • Follow student athletes
  • Create shortlists and get notified
  • Message prospective student athletes directly
  • Publish adverts on the platform
Coach Phone Style 3 Organise


  • Create interactive recruiting lists
  • Organise recruiting rosters
  • Collaborate with your coaching staff
  • Organise prospective recruits by category
  • Follow and shortlist student athletes to get notified with updates made to their profile
  • Get notified when a followed or shortlisted athlete has a change of status
  • Compare and contrast prospective student athletes

“I can browse prospective student athletes from anywhere at any time. I can arrange my recruiting lists and also change which prospect is making it to the top of my list. I love this platform, make my job easier!”

Stephanie, Division I College Soccer Coach


A central platform that LINX global recruitment agencies with college coaches. Pllinx is built by industry experts with the purpose of enhancing the college recruitment experience.

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